Supported devices

Yggio currently supports the devices listed below. The list is non-exhaustive and is constantly being expanded. If you want support for a device that is not in the list, please contact

When creating an iotnode, the nodeType attribute must be one of these.

Name Description
lora-node LoRa device
lora-gateway LoRa gateway
zwave-device Z-Wave device
zwave-gateway Z-Wave gateway
icpe-wmbus Wireless M-Bus device
generic Arbitrary device
vapix Axis camera
nibe-system NIBE uplink system
nide-node NIBE uplink node
feedback-controller Virtual device for control systems
enum-state Virtual device holding a state
astro-clock Virtual device keeping track of whether it's day or night
SimpleDevice  Translated device (see Translated iotnodes page)
simple-lora-node Translated LoRa device (see Translated iotnodes page)
fiware-weather-observed  Device translated into weather observed FIWARE data model
fiware-device Device translated into device FIWARE data model